4 Week Advanced Training

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4 Week Advanced Training

by Chris Nelson

This training plan is great for the everyday runner who are more comfortable with running 10km but would like to improve their speed on the day of the Bridge to Brisbane. This program is based around one long run of easy pace. This is the pace you are most comfortable at. You should be sweating and feel exertion, but still be able to hold a conversation, and not have to stop or walk at all.

There are three running sessions programmed in each training week. If you start to get tired, sore or injured, I would recommend dropping back to two running sessions a week. I would suggest having a day off between each run day for recovery.

This program is based on understanding that you have run 10km before, so you have a PB time, Make sure this time has been achieved within the last year, and not a run you did 20 years ago! Use your last 10km time whenever 10km race time is mentioned.

There are distances in this program that are more than 10km. To run a good 10km you need to reach 12km in training as we don’t want to be burning out with only 1km to go on the day. This will give you an edge on the rest of the field during the 10km event.

There is also one speed session. This speed session has been added to increase your overall kilometre average. Being consistent with these sessions is a sure-fire way to increase your overall 10km time and will have smashing a PB on event day.

Chris’ Expert Tip:

To ensure you are improving your speed, running tempo and average 1km splits. I would recommend at the end of each week looking over your data and using that info to implement a set of goals for the upcoming week of training. If this is something that you require assistance or guidance with when working out the calculations do not hesitate to get in contact with myself and we can develop a game plan.

The Training Plan

Watch this space! Training plans will be updated every week until race week!

Week 1 Training

12km at an easy pace

10km run – out at an easy pace, come back as fast as you can

Speed session of 5km

Week 2 Training


10km run, aim for one minute faster than last 10km race time

8km run on a hilly course, off road, or cross country

Speed session of 5km

Week 3 Training

5km run at an easy pace

10km race pace, aiming to beat or match your last 10km race PB

Speed session of 5km

Week 4 Training

8km run at an easy pace

5km race pace

RACE DAY 10km!

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