22 Signs You’re Totally Bridgey-Didge

Brisbane’s biggest and best fun run is back on August 26 this year! Born in Brisbane, here for Brisbane, and loved by Brisbane, Bridge to Brisbane is one of the most iconic fitness events in our state’s calendar.

The beauty of Bridge to Brisbane is that it brings together people from all walks of life for one fun-filled day of fitness, family and friends! Our race is a chance for the Queensland community to come together and celebrate being healthy and active, and enjoy all that is great about the river city.

This year marks the 22nd year of Bridge to Brisbane, so we’ve come up with 22 signs you are a Bridgey-didge Brisbanite!

  1. You’ve been counting down to Bridge to Brisbane 2018 since the last one wrapped up.
  2. August 26 is blocked out in your diary, email AND phone calendar for race day.
  3. You wear your Finisher’s t-shirt out and about with pride.
  4. You have a collection of costumes on rotation for race day.
  5. You get a new pair of running shoes at the start of each year, leaving you plenty of time to wear them in before the big day.
  6. You have vivid dreams about running the course and wake up in a sweat.
  7. You scope out the best Bib-ileges deals in advance and make a beeline for your chosen spot the moment you cross the Finish Line.
  8. You’ve taken at least one selfie during the Story Bridge ‘Story Sprint.’
  9. You’ve spent a minimum of five hours creating your ultimate Bridge to Brisbane training playlist.
  10. You and your running buddies have your own training group hashtag.
  11. You know the exact time each day that your favourite training route will be the quietest.
  12. Activewear, activewear, you go out for breakfast in your activewear!
  13. Come to think of it, are there any occasions that activewear isn’t appropriate?
  14. You’ve perfected the art of the sunrise (or sunset) training photo.
  15. You complain about how cold it is when the average temperature drops below 23°, but on race day, you bounce out of bed at 4am like it’s summer.
  16. When you’re stuck in traffic on the Story Bridge, you desperately wish it was race day, so that you could run across it, with 30,000 other people, and NO CARS.
  17. Regular excuses for missing training in Queensland include “we’re in the middle of a heatwave’, “it’s flooding”, or “we’re on cyclone alert.”
  18. You own more activewear than smart clothing, and more pairs of runners than any other shoe.
  19. If you don’t get your Bridge to Brisbane training session in, you sulk for days.
  20. You never leave the house without a water bottle, your activity band and a spare pair of socks.
  21. You exercise and participate in Bridge to Brisbane not just because of how it makes you look, but how it makes you feel.
  22. You love everything about the river city, but Bridge to Brisbane is your favourite event of the year!

Can’t tick all of these off? Take advantage of our Early Bird pricing and secure your spot on race day! Race to bridgetobrisbane.com.au to register now or find out more.