Channel 7’s Tony Auden is Stepping up This Year

Popular Brisbane weather man Channel 7’s Tony Auden is ready to tackle the 10km course at this years The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane. We sat down for a catch up with Tony.

You’re back on the track for B2B this year – are you planning to run any differently time/distance wise this year?

I’m excited to be back running the 10km course for Bridge to Brisbane again!

After a minor knee surgery, I’ve eased back by walking, and then running, the 4.5km track over the past couple of years. Now it’s time to test myself at the full distance again!

Do you have a goal time or goal you’re working towards?

My record for the 10km was just under 45 minutes, way back in 2013. I’m not sure how the body is holding up 10 years later, but I’d love to try and run a similar time this year.

Have you been training? Any tips or tricks for those currently training for the 10km?

My training these days is different to years gone past. Off the back of my knee surgery (for a torn meniscus) I’m wary not too put too much pressure on the knee over a long period of time. So my plan is to keep my general fitness up through a mix of gym (F45), cycling, surfing and swimming, then ramp up the running training with about 2 weeks to go.

My main tip for anyone training for the 10km course, and hasn’t done a 10km run before, is that you don’t have to run the full 10km in training beforehand. As long as you’ve done a few runs, and are comfortable running 5km, then you should be ok on the day.

What do you love about Bridge to Brisbane? Any great memories from previous years?

My favourite part of Bridge to Brisbane is the sheer size of the crowd. So many people standing with a mix of excitement, anticipation, and maybe some nerves, at the start line before we all get going.

Other highlights are the view of the city from both the Gateway Bridge, and along Kingsford Smith Drive, and the great energy from all the people on the sidelines cheering you to the finish line!

Which charity are you fundraising for this year, and why?

My colleague, Kendall Gilding, who reads our 4pm 7NEWS bulletin, is an ambassador for Foodbank, so I’ll be jumping on the cause too.

Foodbank Queensland sources millions of kilograms of food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers, and does a great job distributing it to hundreds of food relief charities across the state.

Tell us about your fellow Ch 7 teammates joining you at Bridge to Brisbane this year?

I usually run alone when I’m fit and trying to set a time. But when I was recovering from knee surgery, it was great fun walking the 4.5km course with Kendall Gilding, and her child. We took it in turns to push the pram, and it was a great chance to enjoy the view at a slower pace than normal!