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As the premier fun run in Queensland, we have something for everyone who wants to volunteer, from being the first to greet thousands of Bridgey-didge Brisbanites, cheering them on as they tackle the 10km or 5km event. Whatever you do as a Bridgey-didgy volunteer, you’ll be at the heart of it all, creating life-changing experiences for everyone – including yourself.

Volunteer Application

  • Please note: You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian consent.
  • *Your volunteer certificate will be sent to this adress
  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Volunteer Group (If applicable)

    If you are part of a 'Volunteer Group' and would prefer to volunteer together please complete this section. We will do our best to keep you in the same or a nearby role. Please note that due to role availability this may not always be possible.
  • Volunteer Role

    There are a number of volunteer roles available. We will do our best to place you in your preferred position however this may not always be available.
    1. Volunteering into “The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run 2018”, a fun run/walk event consisting of a 10km and 5km event (“Event”), to be hosted on Sunday August 26, 2018 (“Event Day”) by Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd (“Event Organiser”) is deemed acceptance of these entry terms. 2. The Event is managed by Event Management Solutions Australia Pty Limited ABN 15 156 444 496 (the “Event Manager”). They act on behalf of the “Event Organiser” to provide event services. 3. Each volunteer acknowledges insurance may be in place that may provide limited cover to volunteers while they are participating in the Event. Entrants understand this insurance will not cover them for all personal injuries, death and/or damage sustained during the Event. Volunteers also acknowledge they may be able to, in their own interests and at their own expense, seek and obtain personal insurance in addition to any cover provided by the Event Organiser. 4. Each volunteer acknowledges participation in the Event can be inherently dangerous and they are exposed to certain risks during the Event, including personal injury, death and/or property damage/property loss resulting from their participation, including, overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, serious accidents and course and weather conditions. 5. Each volunteer acknowledges they will be, at the time of the Event, medically and physically fit for the Event and unaware of any illness, injury or any other physical disability or impairment which may cause personal injury, death and/or property damage to them or anyone else while participating in the Event. 6. Each volunteer will provide via the online entry form or otherwise, details of any medical or physical condition that may affect their performance or be relevant if medical treatment is needed. Each entrant accepts all risks of participating despite their medical and/or physical condition and forever releases and indemnifies to the fullest extent permitted by law the Event Organiser, the Event Manager, the Event Sponsor or any other Event sponsors; the owners, licensees and occupiers of land upon which any part of the Event is conducted; any statutory body or local authority having control over any land upon which any part of the Event is conducted; their related bodies corporate and their officers, employees, members and/or contractors and any other person from and against all claims, loss (including consequential loss) and/or costs (including legal costs), whether or not legal proceedings are instituted, irrespective of the means, manner and/or nature of any settlement or determination arising directly and/or indirectly out of, and/or in connection with, the volunteer’s participation in the Event, including any Event competitions and/or prize draws. 7. If the release and indemnity provisions as stated in clause 12 are determined to be void, each entrant forever releases and indemnifies the Event Organiser, the Event Manager, the Event Sponsor or any other Event sponsors; the owners, licensees and occupiers of land upon which any part of the Event is conducted; any statutory body or local authority having control over any land upon which any part of the Event is conducted; their related bodies corporate and their officers, employees, members and/or contractors against all death or personal injury claims arising out of the volunteer’s participation in the Event. 8. Each volunteer consents to receiving any medical treatment, including ambulance transportation, the Event Organiser considers desirable during or after the Event. In the event of an emergency, the entrant authorizes their personal details to be shared with appropriate parties, including, but not limited to, the Event Organiser, Event Manager, medical staff and the entrant’s Emergency Contact. The Event Organiser and/or Event Manager has the right to contact the volunteer or their listed Emergency Contact as they consider necessary or desirable during or after the Event. 9. Each volunteer acknowledges it is their responsibility to ensure they are appropriately hydrated while participating in the Event. 10. Each volunteer acknowledges that they have sole responsibility for their personal possessions and athletic equipment during the Event and related activities. The Event Organiser and the Event Sponsor are not liable for any damaged/lost goods. 11. If a volunteer is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must accept and agree to the terms in the waiver for their child/children/subjects. The parent/guardian is also responsible for the health and safety of their child/children/subjects of guardianship competing in the 5km or 10km Events at all times. 12. Strollers, wheel chairs and similar devices must have appropriate safety restraints and meet Australian Safety Standards. 13. To meet the road closure re-opening schedule, Event course cut off times will apply. To ensure the safety of all volunteers, any volunteer who is unable to meet the Event course cut off times will not be permitted to remain on the roadway. These entrants will be requested to board the official support buses to escort them to the finish site. 14. All volunteers acknowledge they will abide by any reasonable directions issued by the Event Organiser, Event Manager and the Police. 15. All volunteers acknowledge that the Event Organiser or the Event Manager may remove the volunteer from the Event area and/or exclude the volunteer from participation in the Event: a. if the volunteer’s behaviour is inappropriate, offensive, or abusive; b. to prevent damage to any property; c. on medical or health and safety grounds (including to prevent possible harm or injury to the entrant or any other person), or (b) to prevent or arrest any form of unauthorised marketing, including ambush marketing. 16. The Event Organiser may collect personal information about volunteers, including the information they provide upon entry. The Event Organiser collects this information for the purpose of processing entries, providing services to volunteers, providing volunteers with information about other services the Event Organiser offers that may be of interest to volunteers (“Secondary Purposes”), facilitating the Event Organiser’s internal business operations, including the fulfillment of any legal requirements, and analysing the Event Organiser’s services and customer needs with a view to developing new and/or improved services. 17. At any time, volunteers may notify the Event Organiser they do not want the Event Organiser to use their personal information for Secondary Purposes by contacting the Event Organiser by any of the following methods: Email Mail: The Privacy Officer, Queensland Newspapers, GPO Box 130, Brisbane QLD 4001. Please allow a reasonable time for your preference to be implemented. 18. The volunteer acknowledges the Event Organiser will be entering his or her personal details contained on the entry form into a database which will be used for the administration of the event, including to email and SMS event information to them if they have provided an email and/or mobile phone number. Unless otherwise indicated by entrant on this entry form. 19. If the personal information volunteers provide to the Event Owner or Event Organiser is incomplete and/or inaccurate, the Event Organiser may be unable to process their entry and/or be unable to provide volunteers with the services they are seeking. 20. Volunteers may access the personal information the Event Organiser holds about them in accordance with the Event Organiser’s privacy policy.

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