Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run – Are You Bridgey-didge?

In 2018, the Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run will celebrate the 22nd year running of this much loved Queensland event.  Embracing the success of the event in 2017, participants will again enjoy the course that takes in some of Brisbane’s most iconic landmarks including running over the Story Bridge and finishing at the beautiful South Bank Parklands.

Other than a couple of slight tweaks, both courses will remain the same as 2017.

Also, building on the successful introduction of our ‘Bib-ileges’ program (where your race bib gives you access to special privileges), we again will be working with the retailers of South Bank to bring you great race day offers and special discounts.  Keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks to find out more about this year’s Bib-ileges and where your race bib will entitle you to some great privileges on race day.


Entries open March 2018!

Entering the 2018 The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane Day is simple with standard pricing for all individuals (children in prams are FREE):

Early Bird Entry March 29 – July 1 10km = $52

5km = $42

General Entry July 2 – August 24 10km = $57

5km = $47

Getting your race kit: There are two options to get your race kit – by mail or you can pick it up from the Race Office. If you choose to have your race kit mailed, you must pay the postage costs. If you choose to pick up your kit, the Race Office will be open at the South Bank Piazza in Brisbane. Details of the Race Office will be advised closer to the event date.
*Your Race Kit consists of your t-shirt & your race number bib which you will need to attach to your shirt

Start Zone

For safety reasons the two distances are split into coloured starting zones. The zone you run in depends on how long you think you will take to complete the race. Each coloured start zone will be staggered to allow the bridge/road to clear from the previous start group.

There are three starting zones which require qualifying times from a previous race of the same distance. If you want to run in one of these zones, but you haven’t previously run in the Bridge to Brisbane, proof of your time must be provided to race office  from another official race event for consideration.

10km start zones

Category Details Qualification required
Sporting Wheelies Elite Sport wheelchair participants Qualification required for this event
Blue Elite Under 40min 2017 B2B event results or equivalent distance event <40min
Red Elite Under 50min 2017 B2B event results or equivalent distance event <50min
Green Runner Under 60min
Yellow Jogger Under 85min
Grey Walker Over 85min

5km start zones

Category Details Qualification required
Purple Elite Under 20min 2017 B2B event results or equivalent distance event <20min
Orange Runner Under 30min
Aqua Jogger Under 45min
Pink Walker Over 45min
Event Timetable
6.00am Elite Sporting Wheelies
6:15am 10km Blue & Red Elite Runners Start
6:20am 10km Green Runners Start
6:50am 10km Yellow Joggers Start
7:10am 10km Grey Walkers Start
9:30am 5km Event Start
11:00am Awards Presentations

Times subject to change.

Key Deadlines
March 29-July 1 Early Bird entries
July 2-August 24 General entries open
August 3 Last day to have your race kit posted by Australia Post
TBA Race office open – Southbank Piazza
Saturday August 25th 9AM – Online entries close
Sunday August 26 Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run!



Entering Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run puts you in with a chance to win some great prizes!

Whether you’re aiming to be first across the Finish Line, have raised the most for your charity or just want to dress up and have fun, Bridge to Brisbane has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out the amazing Bib-ileges on offer in the Finish Village.

  • 10km, Individuals: 1st place $2000, 2nd place $1000, 3rd place $500
  • 5km. Individuals: 1st place $1000, 2nd $500 place, 3rd place $250
  • 10km, Wheelies: $2000
  • 10km, Team: 1st place $2000, 2nd place $1000, 3rd place $500
  • 5km, Team: 1st place $1000, 2nd $500 place, 3rd place $250
  • Best Dressed, Individual: $300
  • Best Dressed, Team: $500
  • Hero Time, 10km: $5000
  • Hero Time, 5km: $5000

B2B2017 Competition Prize Terms & Conditions

Hydration & Medical


There will be first aid providers at the event, working in conjunction with the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS).

Medical staff will be stationed at the starting point of both the 10km and 5km races, at the finish line and roving throughout the course. First aid staff and medical personnel will also be patrolling the emergency buffer lanes on course. If you start to feel unwell or are in serious difficulty please move directly towards this lane to seek attention.

Please bring Band-Aids along in case you require them during the race.

What do I do if I feel unwell on course?

If you are unable to continue at any point along the course, you should seek the assistance of a race marshal who will get help for you as soon as possible. Do not continue if you feel unwell.

What if I come across another participant who needs medical assistance?

If you come across another participant who needs medical attention, please make note of the red course marker near your location. Markers are positioned every 200 metres.

Staying Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the factors that can contribute to heat illness. During exercise, substantial amounts of water are lost through sweating, especially when exercising vigorously in the heat. This can contribute to dehydration.

Dehydration is rarely the sole cause of sports heat illness, but maintaining an adequate water intake assists body temperature control.

To avoid dehydration, Sports Medicine Australia recommends that:

  • Participants drink approximately 500mls (2 glasses) of water in the 2 hours prior to exercise;
  • During exercise longer than 60 minutes, 2-3 cups (500-700ml) of cool water or sports drink are sufficient for most sports.
  • After exercise, replenish your fluid deficit to ensure that you are fully rehydrated, but not over-hydrated.
  • You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine in the lead up to an event as these can both contribute to dehydration.