I need help with my fundraising page.

Please contact Everyday Hero’s support team on 1300 798 768 or help@everydayhero.com.au between 7am – 6pm AEST Monday – Friday for any fundraising page or team queries.

How do I create or join a fundraising team?

This is really easy once you click Start Fundraising. On the right hand side of your fundraising page you can either join or create a fundraising team and from there just follow the on-screen prompts to complete.

What if my favourite charity isn’t on the list?

If your favourite charity is not on the existing list, you’ll need to ask them to contact Everyday Hero help@everydayhero.com.au to have them added as a certified charity.

Can I fundraise for more than one charity?

Yes! You can choose to donate to as many charities as you like. Just set up multiple fundraising pages (one for each charity) and start fundraising

How do I start Fundraising?

This year all fundraising is done online. You can set up your own fundraising page via the Everyday Hero page. Just click Start Fundraising and from there you can create a page, share it with your friends and start fundraising.

When you are setting up your fundraising account, make sure you use the same first name, last name and email address as you did during the event entry process to ensure we can easily calculate your Hero Time.

What’s Hero Time?

In the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run, you run one race, but get two times – your race time and your Hero Time. Your Hero Time equals your race time minus one second for every $1 you raise for charity. You must use the official Bridge to Brisbane Everyday Hero page to be eligible for a Hero Time.

Can I fundraise for a charity of my choice?

Absolutely, we understand that you may already have a Charity close to your heart so we have teamed up with Everyday Hero so that you can select any of the hundreds of charities available here

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