We understand that sometimes it’s not easy to physically join us at the start on event day, so you may wish to participate in a virtual participation option so you can be a part of #B2B2022. 


A virtual run is a race that you can run, jog or walk from any location you choose – on your favourite trail, in a local park, around your local neighbourhood loop or on a running track.  You get to run your own race, at your own pace.   

We recommend you download The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane app and use this app as your official tracker on the morning.  Using the app allows you to record your result and it links into the overall results on the day of the event.  


You can complete your race at any time or date between Friday 26 August 2022 (AEST).to the following Sunday 4 September 2022 (AEST). 


  • Access to The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane real time tracker app, where you can start at any time and watch how you compare against others on the 10km or 4.5km course. 
  • Participant t-shirt 
  • Digital finisher certificate 
  • Finisher’s medal – sent after the event 
  • Postage 


Register for the B2B Virtual run to be part of this year’s event no matter where you are. Once your entry is paid for, you receive an Email Confirmation of your entry registration. 

Step 1. At least a week out from the Virtual Run start (Friday 26 August), you will receive an email “Virtual – Claim your Profile” email containing further instructions on how to download the dedicated B2B app and claim your profile*. 

Step 2. Click and claim your profile* via the link provided in this email. Once your profile has been claimed, ensure you have allowed location services and that all battery optimisation recommendations have been followed (Android only). You can also choose to have notifications turned on or off. 

Step 3. Once you have claimed your profile, it is suggested you take the opportunity to do the PRACTICE RACE on the app prior to 26 August.  This will help you have a smooth Race Day experience. Work through our FAQs if you are having difficulty or contact our support team via 


Step 4. Share the love and refer a mate to enter as well. Run next to them, or on the other side of the world! You’re now virtual run ready! 

Step 5. Time your run for anytime between Friday 26 August 2022 (AEST) to the following Sunday 4 September 2022 (AEST).  When you are ready to start, open the B2B app on your phone, press the START RACE button and off you go (you need to take your phone with you as you run). 

We’ll track you as if you’re running the actual B2B course – no matter where you are. 

Step 6. When you pass the 10km or 4.5km mark, your tracking will stop automatically, and your result will be submitted …then it’s time to take that all-important results selfie and share it with your mates! 

Be sure to check out our race leaderboards on the B2B App to see how you went. 

*Please be aware that in order to participate in The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane Virtual Race you will need to be registered, have a supported Android or Apple mobile device with the Bridge to Brisbane App installed and claim your profile. 



Race to your own beat with our dedicated The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane Run App that provides everything you need for an amazing Race Day experience. 

  • Personalised app experience with easy, one-time login with all event details in one place. 
  • You need to carry your phone and you can connect your Strava app. 
  • Interactive course map of The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane, with progress notifications as you run. Progress notifications can be sent to your fans as well as your friends competing 
  • Live tracking using GPS places you on the actual B2B course – no matter where you run. 
  • Leaderboards and live rankings to see where you’ve placed 
  • The app will ‘Auto finish’ once you pass 10km or 4.5km (depending on the distance you have entered) – so we register your best time possible. 
  • Take finish time selfies to share across your social media channels, using #B2B2021 


When do entries close for the virtual run? 

Entries to the virtual run close on Saturday 27 August. 

Can I change my race distance from the virtual 10km to 4.5km or vice versa? 

Yes you can update your chosen distance by emailing  If you are changing from 4.5k to 10k you will need to call the race office on 1300 55 55 77 to do a manual payment of $10. 

Can I complete my run distance over multiple runs? 

No, you will need to complete the race in one continuous attempt. 

Where do I run my race? 

A virtual race can be run, jogged or walked anywhere, at a location of your own choosing in your local park, on your favourite trail or around your local neighbourhood loop. Please ensure that you are following government guidelines in your country, state or local government area for COVID-19 when choosing your running location.  Also make sure you choose a safe location to run.  

Will my t-shirt be sent before the event?   

If you enter the virtual run after Monday 8 August, we will still post out your t-shirt, however, we cannot guarantee you will receive it before the event date. 

Do I have to wear my t-shirt during my run? 

No, this is completely optional. 

Do I receive a race bib for my virtual run? 

There are no race bibs for the virtual run. 

 Will I get a start button on the app on race day?/ When will the start button appear on the app? 

The START RACE button will appear on the app 26 August  

Do I have to start at the same time as the actual race? 

You can complete your virtual run at any time between Friday 26 August 2022 (AEST) to the following Sunday 4 September 2022 (AEST) midnight. 

Support the charity you love

Dedicate your race to a charity close to your heart. We were proud to raise a record breaking $1.2 million for over 300 Queensland charities in 2021. So come on Queensland, let’s work together to break this record in 2022!