7 reasons you should run The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane in 2019

Unless you’re a Brisbane local who’s been living under a rock since well, forever, you would have heard about the city’s biggest and best community event – The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane! It’s one of the very few times throughout the year that most locals don’t hit ‘snooze’ on their alarms and actually WANT to get up early to go for a run with a bunch of strangers.

Whether you’re a regular runner or a contemplating your first-time on the course, we’ve come up with 7 reasons why you should consider hitting ‘Register’ for the 2019 event.

1. You’ll be helping raise funds for the cirty of your choice

By signing up for The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane, you’ have the opportunity to raise funds for any charity that is close to YOUR heart, not just one we have chosen for you. You have the option to choose a charity from the list here or you can nominate your favourite charity through Everyday Hero.

Once you’ve signed up, you can start to put the call-out to your friends and family to donate – especially that one mate who owes you a favour or, better yet, get your boss to sponsor you and encourage others in the workplace to join a work team to support the same cause.

2. It’s actually heaps of fun!

We may be biased, but what’s better than being surrounded by your friends and 30,000 high energy strangers first thing in the morning? And there are so many ways to make the 5km or 10km course fun for everyone;

  • Wear a team uniform (costume, because everyone loves a dress-up) and take on the run with an added touch of your own character. Option two: get decked out in your charities colours to show your support!  
  • Enjoy the entertainment on course! From DJ’s through to performers and live Opera singers – The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane course has not failed to deliver the entertainment factor in previous years, and 2019 is set to be another hit.
    If you need a break from running or walking, take a moment to enjoy the performances on course, or take a dance break and join in!
  • See the light at the end of the… course! Once you’ve smashed your training goals, join us at the official Finish Village, where the real fun will begin, with stalls, food offerings, entertainment and so much more! Participants can enjoy bib-ileges, or bib privileges from South Bank retailers when they finish racing… keep an eye out here to find out more.

3. Motivation

We all know that making a goal and then smashing it is up there with one the best feelings you can have, especially when it is fitness related. So, with entries only just opening, today is the day to lock August 25 in your calendar and start working towards it.

Insider tip: don’t set a goal that is unrealistic. The event happens every year, so you’ve got plenty of time to break records on course – start small and set yourself mini goals throughout your training to keep you on track!

4. You get to enjoy your city!

Brisbane is pretty damn beautiful, and by doing something like The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane, you’ll be able to take a moment to enjoy the surrounds of the city you live in.

If you didn’t know, our courses take you over three of the city’s most utilised bridges, as well as passing by some historical landmarks and instagrammable icons… you may even find your new favourite coffee spot along the way.

5. Make the most of your weekend

Throw your regular routine to the wind for one weekend and just get out and about. The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane is the perfect distraction from work, home stresses and the ever growing ‘to-do’ list – even if it’s only for a few hours!

The endorphins and energy you will feel after smashing your goals may even inspire you to go home and get started on those things that you’ve been delaying – we promise it could happen*!

*if you want it to… we’re not total miracle workers!

6. #Memories

You won’t be forgetting this day for a long time, and there’s no reason why you should! We encourage you to take selfies, videos and mental photos the whole way along the course – the more you soak it up, the better your memory of the day will be when you sign up in 2020!

Think of all the fun you’ll be having and the memories you’ll make by giving The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane a go… that, and you’ll actually have a reason to be wearing activewear out and about on a Sunday morning!

7. Bragging rights

That’s right, you now have all the power, and bragging rights, you’ve dreamt of. Why? Because you got up early FOR A WORKOUT on the WEEKEND to SUPPORT CHARITY. You’re basically a saint and everyone needs to shout you a drink next time you’re out!

So, there you go – 7 solid reasons why you should sign up for The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane… have you hit ‘Register’ yet?

For all sign up information visit www.bridgetobrisbane.com.au or pick up The Sunday Mail. We’ll see you there!