Best Brisbane training tracks

We’ve all heard that old saying ‘variety is the spice of life’, but did you know this notion can also be applied to our exercise training routines too? Mixing up where and how you move not only keeps us from falling into a results plateau, but it also keeps things fun and fresh to help ensure you stay motivated along every step of the way, ensuring to make it to your end goal.

So whether you’re training for the 5km or 10km course, we’ve uncovered some of Brisbane’s best running tracks that’ll see you smashing out PB’s in no time! A mix of high and low intensity, this list has something for runners of all fitness levels. Ready, set, GO!

1.) Kangaroo Point Stairs

Located at the eastern end of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the 107 long flight stairs will seriously push your fitness to soaring new heights, but don’t worry – you’ll be rewarded when you get to the top with one of the city’s most spectacular views making it all totally worth it. This high intensity workout spot is the perfect place to ramp up your strength and endurance to ensure you smash through those last few kilometres on the big day.

2.) Eildon Hill Reservoir

The Eildon Hill Reservoir is a quaint little spot nestled on the highest perch of Wilston, Windsor and the Grange. Surrounded by the steep, winding hills of Wilston, this track boasts the perfect mix of inclines and declines – hello interval training! Remember to bring your iPhone… the view from on top of the reservoir is definitely a place you can snap a pretty epic Instagram shot.

3.) Brisbane River Circuit

This one is not too hard to find and comes down to how far you wish to run, a fully customisable course, this track gives you stellar views of Brisbane’s CBD, River, Story Bridge and luscious green Southern Bank. With running and cycling tracks up and down the river, this track is the perfect spot for a post-work run to get you in the zone for the real challenge.

4.) Mt Beerwah

Mt Beerwah is back in business and ready to be conquered. Jump in the car, hit the highway and get set for a high intensity work out like no other. With beautiful views at the summit and astonishing flora and fauna to boot, Mt Beerwah will push you and your fitness to your limits.

What’s your go-to training spot in Brisbane? Let us know in the comments below.

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