Four Ways To Keep Fit (And Motivated!) This Winter

couple running in cold

The mornings and evenings are getting chillier, and that can only mean one thing: winter is coming. As the average daily temperature starts to drop, it can be difficult to work up the motivation to leave the warmth of your house, or the comfort of your car, and get the motivation to train.

But before you start making excuses for why your training has slowed down, we’ve got four simple tips to make sure you stay motivated to prepare for Bridge to Brisbane during the cooler months.

Train with your mates

Whether you’re taking an early morning jog or participating in a team sport, it’s always easier to stay motivated when you’ve got friends by your side. Your friends are less likely to let you get away with skipping your daily fitness kick than you are, so setting a time and place to meet can drive those motivation levels through the roof! Training with a partner can also help to set fitness goals and work towards them together, or compete against each other for that extra push you need.

Track your training and reward yourself

If you’ve got a Fitbit or a fitness tracker, it can be super easy to keep track of your fitness routine. If not, a diary or daily planner is a great alternative! Keep track of which days you’ve exercised (and which you’ve skipped) and how long you’ve exercised for, and set a fitness goal each month so you can feel like you’re working towards something. Rewarding yourself for your hard work also helps – take yourself out for breakfast or buy yourself those new shoes… just don’t over-indulge and undo all of your hard work!

Create a fitness playlist

Listening to your favourite songs while you train is a sure-fire way to stay motivated! Whether you’re into 80’s rock, house music or orchestral pieces, exercising to a playlist of the music that motivates you is the perfect way to improve your fitness regime. We’ve curated a Spotify playlist with some of our favourite running songs, which you can check out and follow right here.

If you’re a morning runner, you could also try setting your alarm to your favourite fitness song…it’ll have you bouncing of bed to train in the morning, rather than rolling over for five more minutes of snooze time!

Work out at home

While we love exercise that takes us outside, we know that sometimes the very idea of walking out into the cold can put you off! Why not work around that feeling by exercising inside? Get yourself some fitness equipment, or work with what you have around the house to create a fitness routine that keeps you active from the warmth of your own home. You could also join a gym or do some fitness classes that keep you active, and indoors.

What are some of the ways you stay motivated during the cooler months? Let us know in the comments below.

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