Get Active and Healthy with Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council offers a variety of activities for all ages and abilities making it easy to get yourself ready for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane!

Council is committed to creating more to see and do and with so much on offer, from cycling to aqua aerobics, there are many ways to get ready for the event and get the most out of this wonderful opportunity to experience Brisbane on foot.

Active Parks

Council offers a range of free or low-cost group fitness events and well-being activities for all ages through its Active Parks program. Try Tai Chi, Pilates or Yoga, or, if you’re after something more intensive, try Cross Training or Boxfit. To stay up to date with the latest active and healthy events around the city check out Active and Healthy Events.


Council has 22 pools across Brisbane, each offering great opportunities to get active. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and provides a full-body, low-impact workout that gives you a welcome break from pounding the pavement! If doing laps isn’t your style, there are also plenty of group fitness classes, like deep water running or aqua aerobics. 

Head to Council’s website to find your nearest pool, opening hours and entry fees.

Outdoor gyms

There are more than 170 Council parks that have exercise equipment installed in them. The equipment is different in each park, with some including static equipment for chin-ups, sit-ups and step-ups, while others feature more interactive equipment, like rowing and stepping machines. Whatever you find at your local park, it’s sure to help you get fit for free!


Brisbane has a large network of connected bikeways that make cycling a fun way to get active and explore our city. Cycling is a great way to increase your cardio fitness – something definitely needed for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane – so visit the ‘Things to see and do’ section on Council’s website to plan your journey or discover more scenic bike rides.


With more than 200 Council parks with basketball and/or netball half courts, hoops and keyways, you can shoot hoops solo or get friends together for a quick game. If you prefer hitting a ball, hire a Council tennis court with friends for a casual singles or doubles match.

As a proud partner of The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane, Brisbane City Council is committed to providing active and healthy opportunities for residents to head outdoors to enjoy Brisbane’s beautiful climate and connect with family and friends.

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