Get race day ready with Brisbane City Council!

The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane is our city’s biggest community event, uniting friends, family and neighbours for an important cause and a celebration of our great city. Brisbane City Council is proud to partner with The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane to create opportunities for residents to be active and healthy.

Here are some great tips on how to progress your active and healthy journey.

Warm up

A good warm up is essential for everyone! Start each workout session with something gentle, like jogging on the spot or a brisk walk and remember to stretch. Easing into your workout will increase blood flow to the muscles, lungs and heart, and will prevent fatigue and injury. 

Set goals

Every runner’s body is different, so choose your own goal and build up to it over time. The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane has 5km and 10km races, which makes it easy for you to choose the right level. Start your training sessions with obtainable mini-goals such as a 1km run or brisk walk that increases your heart rate.  Build from there, increasing 1km every time you hit that target without getting tired. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can reach your goals with regular training!

Mix it up

You don’t need to just stick to running or walking with your training. Mix it up with cycling, yoga or swimming. Vary your workouts to keep exercise fun and interesting!

Get fit for free

Did you know Brisbane City Council offers a variety of activities for free? Work on your overall fitness and make the run easier by using the outdoor gym equipment provided at more than 170 Council parks or take part in free or low-cost group fitness sessions and boot camps at selected parks. Visit What’s on Brisbane to see what’s happening in your local area.

Recover well

Don’t forget to factor in rest days to give your body time to repair and strengthen itself. It’s important to listen to your body, and don’t force exercise if you feel like you haven’t fully recovered. To ensure you recover well, stay hydrated, sleep well and stretch your body after a hard work out.

So, there you go – five top tips to help ensure you can get the most out of participating in this fun-filled community day. The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane is a great way to enjoy our city’s beautiful climate, and view Brisbane from an entirely different perspective.

If you haven’t signed up for this year’s The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane – this is your sign! Click here to enter!

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