Get race ready with the new Brisbane app!

The Brisbane app is the perfect tool to help you get ready for the Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane.

Powered by Brisbane City Council, the free app allows you to create your ultimate fitness program to help you stay motivated. You can plan your next running route along the beautiful Brisbane River, find free exercise classes in your local area and discover the best healthy eats all in one, easy-to-use app so it’s never been simpler to get race ready! Use the Brisbane app to help keep you on track all the way to the finish line!

Mix up your routine

Brisbane City Council offers a range of free Active and Healthy classes so you can shake up your fitness regime by adding yoga, boxing or aqua aerobics to build strength, increase your cardio fitness and stretch out your muscles. Why not invite a friend along too to make it more fun. Having a workout buddy can be a great motivator to attend classes.

Download the app to find your nearest class and stay up to date with the latest Active and Healthy events around the city.

Nourish yourself

Fuelling your body is an essential part of preparing for a run. When training, you’re likely to be burning more calories than you were before so it’s important to replace them with nutritious food. Brisbane is home to some delicious, healthy cafes and restaurants, so whether it’s finding a post-run coffee shop or a healthy place to go for dinner, the app can help you find something to suit your needs.

Make a plan

Training is an important part of getting ready for Bridge to Brisbane. A good plan with frequent, achievable goals will help keep you motivated, improve your overall fitness, and help avoid injuries.

Do not forget to add in some all important recovery days too, to help your muscles repair and allow time for essential rest. On these days a leisurely walk or spending time with friends outdoors is a great way to give your body some well-earned rest. Use the Brisbane app to help find a fun picnic location or walking track.

The Brisbane app is available to download via the Apple Store and Google Play.