Healthy habits made easier with Podsquad!

While you and your family are getting ready for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane this year, why not try out the new Podsquad app, brought to you by Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

Podsquad is a free, fun and interactive online program that supports Queensland children and their families to build healthy habits together. Through play-based learning, children will enjoy bite-sized lessons about nutrition, physical activity and sleep.

Families can set their own goals for each child and Podsquad will provide the tools they need to help achieve them. Using the app can even help with your preparation and practice for the Bridge to Brisbane fun run by getting your kids (and you!) more active.

Use the Podsquad app to learn all about the importance of ‘huff and puff’ activities and work towards the 4.5km or 10km fun run as a family. Slow and steady wins the race! Work as a team and do what suits your family best in preparation for the fun run. Whether it be weekend hikes, laps on the local sports oval or morning walks. Teamwork will make the preparation enjoyable.

By using Podsquad you can help improve your kids’ sleeping habits and ensure that bedtime becomes a time of bonding, learning and joy for your entire family. A good night’s sleep is crucial for our kids, especially because they are growing and their brains are developing. Podsquad has lots of great resources to help you while you start a new bedtime routine with your little ones. Involve your children in creating their bedtime routines, and over time it will become your family’s new normal!

Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s mission is to inspire and support Queenslanders to adopt healthy behaviours. By getting the whole family involved in Podsquad’s in-app and real-world activities, you’re not only having fun together, but you’re exploring a variety of ways to improve wellbeing and create lasting healthy habits for life.

No referral is required for Podsquad, any family can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Don’t forget to register your family for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane before Early Bird tickets close at midnight on the 13th of August!