Let’s get down to brisness with Sami Rose

We spoke with trainer + body confidence coach Sami Rose about how she’s getting ready for this years’ event and what she’s most excited for! Read on to find out more.

Do you prefer running solo or with a running buddy and why?

Right now I’m a solo runner while I work on getting my pace up and staying consistent – I love just popping my headphones on, running to my favourite songs, and focusing on bettering myself each time without comparing to anyone else’s pace!

Have you participated in the Bridge to Brisbane before or is this your first time?

I did the Bridge to Brisbane when I first moved here from Melbourne, so it would have been 10 years ago now! I haven’t really focused much on running since then, so I’m a beginner all over again, but super excited!

Do you have any goals in mind?

I’m really hoping I can finish the 10km in under an hour – right now I’m at about 1:20 so it’s a little ambitious, but I’m working hard to make it happen!

How are you getting ready for Race Day? Any training tips to share?

I’m aiming for 2-3 runs a week, just keeping the pace up with different distances, but foam rolling my calves and shins has been crucial to keeping my body feeling good. I focus on a lot of stretching even on rest days and just train upper body at the gym to give my legs a break. A solid stash of blister bandaids has also been a life saver!

What are you most excited about for this year’s Event?

The atmosphere! It’s such a buzz and there’s something so beautiful about knowing there will be so many people in one place running the fastest they’ve ever run, or being so proud they’ve simply been able to get over the finish line. Everyone is just on their own individual journeys, but doing it together. It’s so exciting!