Mum’s off and running

There was a time when The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane was a bridge too far for Annabel Falco.

The fashion stylist was an avid child dancer but running was never really her forte.

“One day my husband challenged me to run for 60 seconds and I couldn’t do it, so that motivated me,” she said.

“I trained for months for the Bridge to Brisbane, which was the first real running event I had ever been in, so it’s always held a special place for me.”

Now a seasoned runner who has two half-marathons under her belt, Falco will line up for her fifth Bridge to Brisbane in September, backed by a cheer squad including children Oscar, 7, and Valentina, 5.

Young Oscar has already caught the running bug, but his Bridge to Brisbane debut might still be a few years away.

Of more immediate concern is Mother’s Day, with Oscar and Valentina determined to spoil Falco rotten.

“The kids have planned something for me and they’re very excited about it,” she said. “Oscar has started doing cross-country and when I’m training for the B2B he’ll join in for a couple of kays, which is nice.”

And she’ll be raising money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, a cause close to her heart after previously serving as an official ambassador.

Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO Lyndsey Rice said she was grateful for Falco’s enthusiastic support.

“As we mark the Queensland Children’s Hospital’s 10th birthday in 2024, we are more excited than ever to see our community hit the streets for this iconic event to raise funds and show their support for the hundreds of thousands of sick and injured children who have walked through the hospital’s doors over the past 10 years,” she said.

Early Bird Registrations are now open for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane, which is on Sunday, September 8.