1. Do you prefer running solo or with a running buddy and why?
    To be honest I love both! Running with a buddy keeps you accountable and can push you a little bit more! Plus it’s always nice to have a chat with someone throughout and grab a coffee/hang out at the end. Running solo you can be completely in your own headspace, blast the music/podcast and decide along the way how far you will go! Getting out solo I feel an even bigger sense of achievement.
  1. Have you participated in the Bridge to Brisbane before or is this your first time?
    I haven’t! This will be my first time which makes it even more exciting and special.
  1. Do you have any goals in mind?
    I would love to run a sub 60 minute race. My PB is 53 minutes so even if I matched that or got close I would be stoked! Also get as many people as possible on board for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane!
  1. How are you getting ready for Race Day? Any training tips to share?
    I’m adding in 2 runs a week to my training routine. One will be a shorter run (3-5km) and the other will be a longer run (10km). I will change it up with interval, low heart rate and faster paced runs. I’m no expert but the biggest tip I can share is run at a talking pace and forget about the pace you are doing! Just run, enjoy it and don’t put pressure on yourself! I trained for a 1/2 Marathon in 6 weeks and focused on these tips and it worked an absolute treat!
  1. What are you most excited about for this year’s Event?
    I’m so pumped that it will be my first time running this track! I can’t wait to get amongst the crowd, soak up the warm Brissy weather and just have fun!! Countdown is on!