5 Minutes With: Channel 7 WEEKENDER Presenter, Kimberley Busteed

Kimberley is an Australian media personality, television presenter and media producer. Kimberley has worked with various television stations, media publications and radio networks across Australia She embodies the Australian culture of hard working, fit, healthy, out-doorsy-ness and is a passionate exponent of her home state and country.

1. Name:

Kimberley Busteed

2. Role:

Channel 7 presenter on Weekender and Creek to Coast

3. Why are you taking part in The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane?

It’s been on my wish list for years, and the timings finally worked!

4. Have you participated in the event before? If so, please provide details. If not, please tell us what you’re most excited about. 

No. I’m most excited about the inclusive and positive atmosphere, the challenge of the run, and the feeling of accomplishment when we’ll cross the line. I should probably start training. Yikes!.

5. What event are you participating in and who will you be running with?

10km, with a couple of my Channel 7 colleagues and MLA Red Meat Ambassadors!

6. Where is your favourite spot to go for a run in Brisbane and why?

I love the Minnippi Parklands, right through to Carindale shopping centre. It’s an oasis of tranquillity, and you’re only 15 minutes from the city. I love it!

7. If you could go for a run with one person in the world (celebrity or not), who would it be and why?

My husband. We have three little kids, and our time along together is scarce, so I’d love to go for an easy stroll with him, followed by extra strong cap and bacon and egg roll.

8. Top tip for people training for The Sunday Mail Transurban Bridge to Brisbane?

Slow and steady. Work your way up to your distance and try to enjoy the process.

9. If you could get one message out to people, following your personal experiences, what would it be?

Challenge yourself and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Cliché but true.