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The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run is all about coming together as a community and enjoying our beautiful Brisbane city and its iconic landmarks.

So, why not get your family, friends, work colleagues, or fitness groups involved and create a Bridgey-didgy TEAM!

Frequently asked questions

How many people do I need in a team?

A minimum of 5 members is required to make a team. If you have less than 5 members and you are creating a “Pay Later” team you may end up paying more for postage as this is a bulk fee. There is no maximum number of team members.

I’m the team manager, how do I add people to my team?

The team database is set up with the intention that team members will be adding/registering themselves in the team. Because of this you do not add members from within your team manager portal/login. To add someone to your team just select the ‘Enter’ button on our website and click ‘Join a team’.

Do all team members have to enter the same category?

No, you’re team members will be able to select whichever distance or start zone they want to participate in, all within the one team.

I had a Team Manager account last year, why isn’t the password reset working?

You will need to create a new login for 2018. If you have already done this and you are still having difficulties please notify the race office and they can assist you.

Team Payment Options

Team Managers will be asked to select the a payment method when setting up the team. There are two payment options for teams:

  • Pay Later Team – Team Manager will pay for all entries in the team. The Team Manager will create a ‘Team Pin’ which members will need to enter when they register. Team Members will not be asked to pay however their entry is not finalised until the Team Manager closes and pays for the team. The cut off date for payment to have the kits posted out is Sunday 6th August 2018. After this date they will need to be collected from the Race Office at South Bank Piazza.
  • Pay Individual Team – Team members will pay for the entry themselves when they join the team.  This team set up can not be sent to team leaders in bulk.

Please Note: The entry cost per person is the same if  you are in a team or registering individually. Entry fees and key dates are visible on the ‘Event Info’ page.

Team Postage

The only way to have all of your team race kits posted to the Team Manager in bulk is to create a “Pay Later” team. Postage rates for “Pay Later” teams begins at $25 (1-10ppl).

Alternatively if you select a “Pay Individual” team members will choose their own delivery/collection method. Postage for individuals is $8.95pp


You can create a fundraising page through Every Day Hero and raise money for a charity close to your heart. Read more about Fundraising HERE

Reward your Team with our Pop-Up Picnic Party!

Reward your Team after the event with a fun and relaxed morning in the Pop-Up Picnic Party located in the Southbank Parklands.

You will have a dedicated team retreat as well as access to the communal picnic games area. The Picnic Party is for teams with a minimum of 50 members and limited spaces are available.

More information coming soon…

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