How To: Do the Bridge to Brisbane with Kids

Your Ultimate Guide to Doing The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane With The Whole Family

Balancing the demands of family life with work commitments, health, fitness and your social life can be tricky, and in today’s busy world, it’s easy to get bogged down and let the things that matter the most fall to the wayside.

But, before you cancel those breakfast plans or hand in that spur-of-the-moment resignation letter, we might have a solution to finding balance, while kicking some major goals along the way! Why not try signing your family up for this year’s Bridge to Brisbane?!

As well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle, it’s a great opportunity for family bonding, socialising with friends, and relieving stress.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We know that family days out like this can feel like a mission to organise, so we’re making it simple for you, with our ultimate guide to doing the Bridge to Brisbane with the kids… You’re welcome!


First things first: registering for the race! Children in prams and strollers can participate in both our 5km and 10km events for free with supervising adults. Older kids can be registered either as individuals or part of a team – there is no age restriction. You can register your whole family right here!


Incorporating exercise into your family routine will teach your kids about the benefits of exercise and instill healthy habits from a young age. It’s also a great way to spend time together as a family! Why not embark on a scenic walk or a family bike ride this weekend, to kick start your training!?


If your kids love playing dress-ups, encourage them to sport their best ballerina tutu or hero cape at Bridge to Brisbane!

Even if you’re not first across the Finish Line, it doesn’t mean you can’t win in other ways – Bridge to Brisbane has cash prizes on offer for the Best Dressed Team and Best Dressed Individual!

Whether you decide to go as celeb look-alikes, storybook characters or pink pirates, it’s all about having a fun family day out and making lasting memories. Find out more about the prizes here.


Our course routes are very clearly signed, and we have plenty of event staff and volunteers around to help racegoers with any queries on the day.  With that said, to put your mind at ease, it is worth checking out our course maps prior to the race day.

Our detailed course maps for both the 5km and 10km race show the course route, and the location of key amenities, such as toilets and water stations, along the way. Familiarise yourself with them right here.

B2B Tip: Write your mobile number on your child’s race bib in case you do become separated. Any lost children or adults will be directed to the Information Tent at the Finish Village.


Small backpacks are allowed on course with participants, so we recommend bringing some supplies to ensure your family day out runs as smoothly as possible!

Recommended items include:

  • Spare socks
  • Band-Aids
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottles
  • Muesli bar/ Banana

Having these essentials on you will help to ensure your day is memorable for all the right reasons!

If you can’t bring these, or forget them on the day, that’s no problem – we have information tents, First-Aid operators and water stations at various points throughout our course.


There will be a number of changed traffic conditions in and around Brisbane on race day, so it’s important that you plan your trip in in advance! Road closures will be shared closer to the time, as will a public transport timetable.

We recommend arriving in plenty of time to find your start zone. Families with prams are required to start at the back of their chosen zone, to allow runners and individual participants to forge ahead.


When participating in Bridge to Brisbane, happy snaps are a must! With some of Brisbane’s most beautiful scenery on display, don’t forget to take it all in and capture a few family selfies. We want to see your race day pics, so make sure you hashtag #BridgetoBrisbane when you upload them to your social media channels – you might even be featured on our social pages!


Congratulations – you did it!

Once you and your family have conquered Bridge to Brisbane, it’s time to make the most of our gorgeous August weather and enjoy being out and about in our beautiful river city. Your race bib gives you access to some fantastic offers and discounts from a range of retailers – or as we like to call them, ‘Bib-ileges’! Refuel post-race and celebrate your family’s achievement at some of Brisbane’s best cafes and restaurants.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you and your family moving for Bridge to Brisbane 2018. Enter now via, but hurry – Early Bird entries close June 30!

How To Start Running: 7 Tips From A World Champ | Bridge to Brisbane

Training tips from Sarah Crowley, World Champion Triathlete, Ironman Champion and Brooks sponsored athlete.

Are you thinking about signing up for Bridge to Brisbane, but worried you won’t be able to run the entire course? Or maybe you love running, but haven’t quite integrated it into your routine yet?

Whatever your situation, we’re here to tell you that it is not too late to start getting ready for Bridge to Brisbane 2018. Our race welcomes people from all walks of life and all fitness levels! As long as you’re passionate about Brisbane, health and fitness, or, most importantly, FUN – we want YOU to join us on August 26.

We recently spent time with World Champion Triathlete, Ironman champion, and Brooks sponsored athlete Sarah Crowley, who gave us her top tips on how to start training and get into a great routine.

Even if your goal isn’t to become an elite runner, we’re sure you’ll still find these tips valuable to your training – everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Health check

“If you have never run before, you should spend some time walking or doing some other form of exercise first, before hooking into a run program. A good guide would be comfortably handling 30 minutes of exercise per day, four or five days per week.”

Register for an event, like Bridge to Brisbane!

“A big motivator to continue your running is the challenge of a looming event! If you decide to sign up to an event, give yourself plenty of time – at least eight to 12 weeks – to get into great shape.”

Bridge to Brisbane Tip: Early Bird entries are still open – visit our website to find out more or enter! Bridge to Brisbane will take place on August 26, giving you plenty of time to train for the big day. The great thing about Bridge to Brisbane is that you don’t HAVE to run – we welcome runners, joggers, wheelies and walkers to join in the fun!

Buy some good shoes

“To avoid injury during your new running regime, it’s important that you’re equipped with the most appropriate pair of running shoes that are suitable for your foot type and running style from the start.”

Bridge to Brisbane Tip: Brooks Running has a great interactive tool called the Shoefinder, which helps you to choose the best running shoes for your requirements!

Get a training buddy

“Find someone at work or a friend who is also curious about running, and start together! It’s always easier when you have someone holding you accountable for your runs.”

Start small, start gradual

“Like a good red wine, running and fitness take time to mature. Start slowly with ‘walk-runs’ (10 minute walk, two minute run, twice through) then gradually increase the time spent running. Once you are running for 90 per cent of the time, increase the total time slowly (no more than 10 per cent at a time).

As a guide, you will have a good experience running a 5km fun run if you are running two to three times per week between 30-45 minutes.”

Run somewhere different

“You will quickly find a favourite course around your area, however, a good way to keep it fresh is to try and do your longer run on the weekend in a different location. Why not try a national park, beach or river bank?!”

Join a group

“It will take a couple of events to get the hang of it! After your first event, you might consider entering a club. This is what I did, and I felt it improved my performance, as I was being coached and it was a very social environment.”

Have we convinced you to register for Bridge to Brisbane 2018 yet? If so, head over to to be part of Brisbane’s most Bridgey-didge day. Early Bird prices are still available, but places are limited!

22 Signs You’re Totally Bridgey-Didge

Brisbane’s biggest and best fun run is back on August 26 this year! Born in Brisbane, here for Brisbane, and loved by Brisbane, Bridge to Brisbane is one of the most iconic fitness events in our state’s calendar.

The beauty of Bridge to Brisbane is that it brings together people from all walks of life for one fun-filled day of fitness, family and friends! Our race is a chance for the Queensland community to come together and celebrate being healthy and active, and enjoy all that is great about the river city.

This year marks the 22nd year of Bridge to Brisbane, so we’ve come up with 22 signs you are a Bridgey-didge Brisbanite!

  1. You’ve been counting down to Bridge to Brisbane 2018 since the last one wrapped up.
  2. August 26 is blocked out in your diary, email AND phone calendar for race day.
  3. You wear your Finisher’s t-shirt out and about with pride.
  4. You have a collection of costumes on rotation for race day.
  5. You get a new pair of running shoes at the start of each year, leaving you plenty of time to wear them in before the big day.
  6. You have vivid dreams about running the course and wake up in a sweat.
  7. You scope out the best Bib-ileges deals in advance and make a beeline for your chosen spot the moment you cross the Finish Line.
  8. You’ve taken at least one selfie during the Story Bridge ‘Story Sprint.’
  9. You’ve spent a minimum of five hours creating your ultimate Bridge to Brisbane training playlist.
  10. You and your running buddies have your own training group hashtag.
  11. You know the exact time each day that your favourite training route will be the quietest.
  12. Activewear, activewear, you go out for breakfast in your activewear!
  13. Come to think of it, are there any occasions that activewear isn’t appropriate?
  14. You’ve perfected the art of the sunrise (or sunset) training photo.
  15. You complain about how cold it is when the average temperature drops below 23°, but on race day, you bounce out of bed at 4am like it’s summer.
  16. When you’re stuck in traffic on the Story Bridge, you desperately wish it was race day, so that you could run across it, with 30,000 other people, and NO CARS.
  17. Regular excuses for missing training in Queensland include “we’re in the middle of a heatwave’, “it’s flooding”, or “we’re on cyclone alert.”
  18. You own more activewear than smart clothing, and more pairs of runners than any other shoe.
  19. If you don’t get your Bridge to Brisbane training session in, you sulk for days.
  20. You never leave the house without a water bottle, your activity band and a spare pair of socks.
  21. You exercise and participate in Bridge to Brisbane not just because of how it makes you look, but how it makes you feel.
  22. You love everything about the river city, but Bridge to Brisbane is your favourite event of the year!

Can’t tick all of these off? Take advantage of our Early Bird pricing and secure your spot on race day! Race to to register now or find out more.

The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 Go-To Guide

Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 is less than a week away… yes, you heard correctly – in five days you will be waking up to make your way to the start line of Brisbane’s biggest community event.

Preparing for the day doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, so we’ve prepared this go-to guide for all Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 participants, to ensure you’re well and truly equipped for everything the day has in store.



If you missed the mailing cut-off date, or opted to pick up your pack yourself, you will need to collect your pack from the Race Office at South Bank Piazza.

The Race Office will be open at South Bank Piazza during the below times for Race Pack collection:

Date Time
Thursday 24 August, 2017 8:00am – 6:30pm
Friday 25 August, 2017 8:00 – 6:00pm
Saturday 26 August, 2017 8:00am – 2:00pm


Your Race Pack includes your race number and official event t-shirt. Your race number is your official ticket to free transport on the morning, race entry access and access to the huge range of specials on Bib-ileges offers at South Bank after the race.

Don’t forget to bring a copy of your official Entry Certificate! You can collect race packs for your friends too – but you will need a copy of their Entry Certificate to do this.

If you are part of a team, your team manager will have had your race kit posted to them already, or they will collect it on your behalf prior to the race.


There will be a number of road closures and changes to traffic conditions throughout inner Brisbane on the morning of Sunday, August 27. A map of all road closures is available here.

We recommend you take advantage of the free public transport options on race day to save you both money and stress! Simply show your official race bib and enjoy free travel until 3pm. Bus and train times can be found here, but please note that ferries are not free on race day.

If you decide to drive, our friends at the go via network are waiving tolls on the Go Between Bridge and Clem 7 Tunnel on race day from 2am – 1pm.



6:00am 10km Blue & Red Elite Wheelies and Runners Start Wickham Terrace, Access via Roma Street Parklands Boulevard
6:20am 10km Green Runners Start Wickham Terrace, Access via Roma Street Parklands Boulevard
6:55am 10km Yellow Joggers Start Albert Street, next to Roma Street Parklands
7:10am 10km Grey Walkers Start Albert Street, next to Roma Street Parklands
9:20am 5km Event Start – Elite Purple to start first Captain Burke Park, Kangaroo Point


The 10km course starts at the top of the Roma Street Parklands, on College Road, Spring Hill.

  • Bridges crossed: Go Between Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Story Bridge
  • Water Stations: 10km start line, Cultural Centre Tunnel, Marriott Hotel, Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point & Finish Line.
  • Toilets: 10km start line, Kurilpa Park, Ivory Street, Martin Street, Finish Village.

The 5km course starts at Captain Burke Park, at the end of Main Street, Kangaroo Point.

  • Bridges crossed: Story Bridge (twice)
  • Water Stations: 5km Start line, Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point and Finish Line.
  • Toilets: 5km Start Line, Martin Street and the Finish Village.

Look out for our volunteer pace setters as you go! They’ll be completing the race holding a coloured balloon related to their running time. They’re there to motivate you to beat your personal best time on race day.

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the race by stopping at our water stations. It might also be a chilly morning, so we encourage you to bring a jumper that you don’t mind leaving behind and we will collect them to donate to charity on your behalf.


Race times for Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 will be posted as soon as possible after the race at, so keep your eyes peeled! Our Facebook page will post the link to these as soon as they are available.

The feeling of finishing the race is a fantastic reward in itself, but for those of you with a competitive streak, there are a number of prizes available on the day! As well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 5km and 10km events, there are also prizes up for grabs for best dressed, highest fundraisers, and more.


The fun doesn’t stop when you cross the Finish Line on race day – organise for your friends and family to meet you in the South Bank Parklands and enjoy a beautiful day in our Finish Village. You couldn’t ask for a more stunning backdrop than our beautiful CBD just across the river, as well exploring South Bank and the Parkland surrounds.

There’s nothing better than a big brekky after your race, especially when it’s free! The Courier-Mail have a special offer for Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 participants who take advantage of their exclusive subscription for just $1 for the first 28 days – you’ll receive a complimentary breakfast for you and a friend in the exclusive Sunday Mail marquee.


Just like last year, we’ve teamed up with a bunch of your favourite South Bank retailers to offer special deals to all race day participants.

Show your race bib and receive discounted food and drinks, freebies, and more as part of our Bib-ileges program! The full list of Bib-ileges can be found here.

There you have it – the ultimate guide to Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017!

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a message on Facebook. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the start line on August 27!

Share your race day snaps with us by using the hashtags #Bridge2Brisbane and #BestTimeBNE!



How To Choose The Perfect Running Shoes For You

To cut a long story short, there is no single pair of perfect running shoes – because no two feet are the same.

From the shape and size of our feet to our individual biomechanics, each runner will have their own unique requirements from a running shoe to keep them running happy in the lead-up to Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017 and beyond.

So let’s narrow it down…..


Getting the best fit for your foot is essential in ensuring the support is functioning to minimise additional stresses the body encounters while running. If you have a very flat foot, you need to choose a shoe that accommodates this – usually a straight lasted shoe. If you have a medium to high arch, a semi-curve shoe will hug through the midfoot to ensure a supportive fit.


The amount of support you require will depend on how much your feet roll in when running or walking.

neutral shoe has the same density of material through the entire midsole, for a foot that is applying even pressure on either side (i.e. not rolling in). A support shoe will be reinforced with a firmer density midsole material at the arch, to resist compression when your foot is rolling in. A maximum support shoe will have even more of this firmer density foam, to help prevent feet from rolling in too far.


Cushioning is all about protecting the body, and providing an optimal running experience.

If a shoe is too soft or too firm, it may not provide adequate protection against the forces your body endures when running. Brooks running shoes utilise a combination of advanced midsole compounds that adapt to runners’ unique needs and wants, to keep you running happier and longer.


As well as having different biomechanics, runners also have very different expectations of their run.

Brooks running shoes are available in a range of styles designed to provide a variety of running experiences. Brooks describes these experiences as the “float” range, which allows you to switch off and cruise through your run, while the “feel” range provides a more engaged run with increased responsiveness and connection to the terrain. They will all get you “from A to B”, but you can choose the experience best suited for your running style.

Looking for a new pair of running shoes before Bridge to Brisbane Day? Check out the Brooks Shoe Finder tool which will help recommend the best running shoes for you.

Written by: Sarah Wilson, Brooks Senior Technical Representative

Ready to debut those brand-new running shoes? Click here to enter for Bridge to Brisbane Day 2017.

Stay ahead of the pack.

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